Warmtek factory
Warmtek factory

WARMTEK Ltd is a company established in 2011 having its manufacturing facilities in Oreshak, Lovech district. The company produces pellet stoves and water-jacket pellet stoves.

Based on investments in production equipment of many years, the company offers efficient solutions for economical heating to its customers by engineering diverse products. One special feature is that details are manufactured strictly for each particular model. High-quality materials, production precision and state-of-the-art technologies promote the quick return-on-investment of these products while, at the same time, you will enjoy the pleasant warm company and comfort on cold days for a long time.

Electronics used for automation of the pellet stoves and their control are manufactured by a group company. This allows for commissioning innovations of our engineering team which leads to better fulfilment of the requirements of our customers.

We strive for designing individual models featuring not only economical operation, but also compactness and refinement as regards the colours.

The range of Warmtek pellet fireplaces follows this course by offering innovative models which are characterized with: a low price and easy installation, saving heating costs, automatic ignition, self-cleaning system, automatic control of the combustion air, remote control,weekly programmer, automatic temperature control and user-friendly operation, absence of harmful effects on the environment, a possibility for heating apartments and premises of 30 up to 200 sq. m.

To these basic requirements you may add aesthetic appearance which is easily integrated in every environment and a possibility for manufacturing from elegant ceramics in different colours.

Warmtek was established for better and more integrated use of environmentally sustainable energy. The Warmtek pellet fireplaces are an excellent investment for your home.