Warmtek Company Ltd. has its own manufacturing facility located in Oreshak, Lovech province.



Designing is a process without which the realization of a product is impossible. Every single detail used in the WARMTEK pellet fireplaces is well-weighed, designed and manufactured.

The engineering department is managed by highly-qualified specialists who have gained a footing in their practice. Production is unimaginable without a high-quality project. Each model is engineered depending on the pellet fireplace types and spatial arrangement within the relevant room.



Following precisely a project, details are manufactured strictly for the relevant model of pellet fireplaces. Every single detail is carefully inserted and tested and meets all the technical requirements.

Electronics used to facilitate the pellet fireplace control and ignition were manufactured by a group company. This allows for commissioning innovations of our engineering team which leads to better fulfilment of the requirements of our customers.

The company offers pellet air- and water-jacket fireplaces to its customers.

If you have any doubts as to which model is most appropriate for your home – do not hesitate to contact our assistant who, after making an examination, will offer you the optimum solution. Rely on WARMTEK.